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Hey!!! So I am actually putting up results tonight becuase I will not be home tomorrow and I want to make sure we all know where we’re at! Great job on completing our challenge this week! 8 miles! This week’s challenge is NO SODA! I know it will be really hard for some of you, but try and listen to your body and see how you’re feeling. Hopefully this will not be the slowest week of your life. 🙂

Here are results!!

week 7

Great job to our top three! 1. Ronda 2. Leslie and 3. Rachael

Let’s have a great week!


Biggest Loser Week 6 Results

Hello Again,

Here are week 6 results! I was kicked back to 8th place which tells me you guys are really working hard!! I am really trying to get closer to the top!!

This week I feel amazing! Really paying attention to my work outs has been paying off- I had a 2.7 lbs loss this week. I am so thrilled! I am feeling more energy and I am the lowest weight I have been in YEARS!!!! 🙂 I honestly feel for the first time in a while, like I can really truly reach my goals. It just takes hard work and commitment. Also- not focusing on ALL the little mistakes that I make. I’m not perfect. But I can be better.

This week’s challenge is walking/jogging/running 8 miles. It can be broken up into smaller amounts each day. 🙂

week 6

Congrats to the top 3!!! 1. Ronda 2. Leslie 3. Rachael

Have a great week!!! Let’s give them some competition this week! 😉

I Typed All This With Lucy On My Lap


Here we are wrapping up another week, and beginning a new one. The nice thing about the end of something is that it also signifies the beginning of something else, no? I was seriously beyond proud of all of my Losers this past week! What progress we are making!! Not one person was in the positive this week!!! 🙂 ***HIGH FIVES*** It feels like you guys are figuring out what works for you and taking charge of changing your lives. I love that!

A huge part of making weightloss a sucess is planning. Is it a pain to take the extra time to pack my lunch when it’s already 9:30 at night and I’ve commuted in the windy-as-hell snow an hour plus to work and home, made lunch. gone to the gym, taken care of some some house work, made time for date night, updated this blog, and planned to make sure I go to bed early (enough) so I can go to work tomorrow not feeling like a zombie? Yes. HOWEVER, it is gonna be a lot LESS painful tomorrow when I have it ready to go so I don’t have to freak out in the morning, or worse, figure out something to eat when I’m at work (aka not good choices). Sacrificing that time to make my lunch is going to save me time in the gym burning off that could have been bad decision at lunch. Changing our habits is not easy, but it’s for our benefit. That extra few hours we take prepping meals is going to save us a lot of time, money, and stress the rest of the week. Prioritizing is key. Planning our meals and penciling in dates with the gym are absolutely necessary. I used to hate to plan ahead (ain’t nobody got time for that!), but I’m learning that it’s essential to what I’m trying to accomplish. Honestly, it just makes life easier!

Here are results for the week!

week 4

Congratulations to our top three this week, 1. Ronda 2. Rachael 3. Leslie 🙂

I Can Tell That We Are Going To Be Friends

Hey Friends,

So, the past few weeks I have neglected to post anything up on my blog about anything but results, haps of the week, etc. Today I just wanted to share a few thoughts.

We have made some great progress so far with the weight loss!! I can feel the motivation, and it helps push me a little harder as well. I know all of you are trying your best and that helps to push me to be a little better each day. We are all going to have our bad moments and as long as we don’t let it spiral out of control (letting it turn into a bad day, week, or month) we can keep moving forward and making progress. I am honestly only here to record the numbers, it’s YOU who is doing all the work. Every day is just a string of choices that we make. Are we going to eat that burger? Are we going to choose to watch that show instead of exercise? Are we going to be honest with ourselves? Trust me, I struggle with all the same choices. This is not easy for me, either. Changing yourself is all about your attitude. You have to believe that you are capable of making the change, that you can do hard things, that you’re worth the sacrifice and effort. This is a 24/7 conscious effort. I really want to know what it’s like to fit into smaller jeans, to feel amazing about my body, to not have being fat be something I’m always thinking about. I want to feel healthy. I know I am a positive person but I want to be positive about myself. For those of you who have known me most of my life, you know I used to be extremely sarcastic and negative about a lot of things- because I was SO unhappy and I had no idea how to deal with it. I was hurting. I used to talk trash about myself and make jokes about being fat, but that’s not cool. I realized I deserve more respect than that especially from myself, not to mention the fact that it makes other people uncomfortable- no one wants to hear that! so I stopped being negative. It has changed my perspective on a lot of things- most importantly how I treated myself. You have to love the person you are to realize you are good enough to take care of. You only have one body, which houses your soul, and you should want to nurture it and protect it and give it all the right tihngs it needs- sleep, water, healthy foods, exercise, knowledge, and positive thoughts. The recipe is simple, but the biggest ingredient is your attitude. If you tell yourself you can’t, then absolutely you won’t. You are tricking yourself and short-changing yourself. If you tell yourself you CAN, you open up a whole world of opportunities. Who’s stopping you, anyway? Don’t get in your own way. Be your biggest fan, your biggest motivator.

On to results! I apologize this is a few days late- Thanks for being so patient with me getting results up this week! 🙂

WEEK 3-1

Congratulations to our top three! 1. Leslie 2. Rachael 3. Ronda

Great job this week everyone!

Biggest Loser Round 3 Week 1 Results

Good morning, Ya’ll!

I hope everyone had a great week. I lost a lot this week, but it was from eating all the crazy deliciousness that is holiday food. So now that I’m back to where I was when the last competition ended, I feel like I can make some real progress this week!!

So, here are results for week 1:


week 1

My mom killed it this week! She is the top loser, followed by Leslie, and then myself! I am so excited to see what week two will bring!


SO this is the last post for Biggest Loser Round 2! THANK YOU SO much to all of you who participated! You guys make doing this so fun and I have really enjoyed putting this blog together. Thank you for being so motivating for me to keep going on MY personal journey- I still have a long ways to go, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. My goal is to lose 100 lbs by my 30th Birthday. I know I can do it!


I am starting up a Biggest Loser Round 3, and that will start on November 1st  (3 weeks from today). PLEASE let me know if you want to join!


I really hope to all of you that participated in this round that you keep your journey going. If you have hit your goal, it’s just a matter of maintaining your weight. 🙂 I have learned SO much each and every day.
Each day we decide if it’s going to be a good day or a bad day.







Congratulations to DR. MARSHALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you worked super hard and you absolutely deserve this! You won with a weight loss percentage of 13.44 %!

I will deliver your winnings tomorrow! 🙂 Congratulations again! We are all really proud of you! 🙂


The percent loss for everyone are as follows:


Dr. Marshall 13.44
Hector 12.3
Nancy 11.6
Dr. Park 9.7
Eric S. 5.33
Kelli 4.17
Lori 3.1
Jenna 2.94
Jose 2.79
Jeimy 0.78

You all did wonderful! So proud of each and every one of you! Losing weight and changing your life is not easy, but you are capable of anything! Hope you guys sign up for Round 3! ❤