A little bit of running in my life

Okay, so that was totally supposed to go to the tune of “Mambo #5″….

And now you went back and read it in your head like the song, huh? 🙂

Sooo it has happened. I have run a mile straight without stopping. Let me say that again in case you didn’t read that right: I RAN A MILE STRAIGHT WITHOUT STOPPING. It was amazing. I worked really hard to get to that point. I have probably been interval training for around a year, off and on. I struggled with it but I kept pushing forward knowing that I would get there eventually. PLEASE do not tell yourself you CANNOT run if you are a bigger lad/lady. Because, in the words of Obama,  it is simply just not true. Next stop, 1.25 miles. Baby steps, ya’ll.

I have signed up for the http://www.runordye.com 5k on June 8th! So excited to do it! I haven’t run (walk/jogged/huffed) a 5k since last year!

Soooo this may sound crazy, but I bought the handmade flour tortillas from Trader Joe’s this week on a whim after about 15 minutes of deliberation (read: standing in people’s way looking like a total  idiot staring at nutrition facts on about 10 packages of tortillas) since we are having fish tacos for dinner this week. I figured it would be a nice change for Jose since it’s something we wouldn’t normally buy. Well I brought them home, Jose said “Oh, I wouldn’t have minded whole wheat.” First of all, where the hell is my husband and what alien life form replaced him??!?! That does not sound like my Jose at all. Second of all, I have had two of them,  and guess what? I feel like a poo stick. Seriously. The hype is true about processed foods. They just don’t make you feel good once your body is used to eating whole foods. Third of all, can we just go back to the fact that Jose is totally on board with eating healthy? I know people don’t believe it, I don’t know if I believe it (just kidding). I am really proud of him. He really enjoys eating/cooking healthy with me. That makes it a million times easier trying to live/provide a healthy life style for us. I know I’m really lucky to have a supportive spouse. So big ups to Jose!


Also— Still working on my weight lifting plan… 🙂



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