Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

week 12

I knew you guys were so curious to see who won I didn’t even write anything before posting results!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our winner, RONDA!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 (Aka my mom!) Also, congrats to our runner ups, Jeimy and Leslie!

I am so happy you guys all participated this round, it was really great to have your support and be a part of this with me! As always, I’m going to keep going with working out and eating healthy. I have found I’m such a better person when I’m feeding my body right and getting the exercise my body DESERVES! 🙂 Wish you guys all the health and happiness ever! ❤



Hey Guys, I’m really sorry I’ve not been able to post results as soon as I was hoping for the past few weeks. I’ve been so busy.

Here are results! Can’t wait to see what we do this last week!!!

week 11

Conrats to our top three, 1. Ronda 2. Jeimy and 3. Rachael!

Week 9 Results

Seems like this week people are not as motivated– myself included! Getting back to my routine tomorrow. I actually don’t feel myself these past few weeks and I don’t like it. Not keeping up with eating what I should and exercising has really taken a toll on me. The dumb thing about it is, I know what needs to be done! I have just been stuck in a rut from being sick and then not wanting to get back into my routine but I have resolved to keep truckin’ starting tomorrow.

Here are results for this week!

week 9

Congratulations to the top 3 this week! 1. Leslie 2. Ronda and 3. Rachael!

Let’s try a little harder to be a little better this week!