I Typed All This With Lucy On My Lap


Here we are wrapping up another week, and beginning a new one. The nice thing about the end of something is that it also signifies the beginning of something else, no? I was seriously beyond proud of all of my Losers this past week! What progress we are making!! Not one person was in the positive this week!!! 🙂 ***HIGH FIVES*** It feels like you guys are figuring out what works for you and taking charge of changing your lives. I love that!

A huge part of making weightloss a sucess is planning. Is it a pain to take the extra time to pack my lunch when it’s already 9:30 at night and I’ve commuted in the windy-as-hell snow an hour plus to work and home, made lunch. gone to the gym, taken care of some some house work, made time for date night, updated this blog, and planned to make sure I go to bed early (enough) so I can go to work tomorrow not feeling like a zombie? Yes. HOWEVER, it is gonna be a lot LESS painful tomorrow when I have it ready to go so I don’t have to freak out in the morning, or worse, figure out something to eat when I’m at work (aka not good choices). Sacrificing that time to make my lunch is going to save me time in the gym burning off that could have been bad decision at lunch. Changing our habits is not easy, but it’s for our benefit. That extra few hours we take prepping meals is going to save us a lot of time, money, and stress the rest of the week. Prioritizing is key. Planning our meals and penciling in dates with the gym are absolutely necessary. I used to hate to plan ahead (ain’t nobody got time for that!), but I’m learning that it’s essential to what I’m trying to accomplish. Honestly, it just makes life easier!

Here are results for the week!

week 4

Congratulations to our top three this week, 1. Ronda 2. Rachael 3. Leslie 🙂


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