Ten Speed


Well it’s finally time to post results! I apologize they are a little late-

Hope you guys have a good week, and there are only 2 weeks left of the competition- 12 weeks will end on Thursday October 11th! Don’t give up, and push hard through these last two weeks- I’m curious to see who the winner will be!!!! 🙂


Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like it’s 1999

Look at that beautiful graph! Props to my graph man, Jose, for making that look awesome!


Top 3 are 1. Dr. Marshall 2. Nancy and 3. Hector. And I am in 7th place! Slowly creeping up! I do have to say though, Dr. Marshall, Nancy, Hector and Dr. Park are KILLING it! They are not making it easy for anyone else to get to the top- as it should be. 🙂

So, if you follow me on Facebook (which I’m sure you all do, right? 🙂 ) you will know that I am VERY close to reaching a goal. There are actually two goals that I will be hitting, 50 lbs lost and down into another number. Only 2.3 lbs left until I reach those goals. It actually has motivated me to get back into the gym. I went today before I went to work, and I didn’t want to, but of course I felt better afterwards (don’t you just hate that?). 🙂 I have re-commited myself to being more dilligent about going to the gym or getting some kind of work out. That’s what this is all about. You screw up, you make it right and get things back in gear. Even though Jose and I  have other things going on in our lives that are important, we are striving to continue to make this a prioirty because we know it needs to happen. I was talking with a friend yesterday and was saying how 2 years of dedicated hard work will probably get me to where I want to be with health/weight/how I feel, then it’s just maintenance from there. I know I can do it. It’s definitely going to be a battle, but I have the necessary weapons to win the fight. So do you. 🙂

Figure 8



Here we are into week 9 now. Week 8 results are up! BAM!!

We have a new top three! Nancy is in the lead. Dr. Marshall and Dr. Park are EXACTLY tied for 2nd, and Hector is in 3rd. GREAT job you guys! We are doing awesome! And I got into the 2%’s this week! So proud of that.

So I was trying to think of what to put in this blog post today. I think I just wanted to share some before/after photos I found on youtube. There are a lot of weight loss before/after stories on there, which is really motivational to me. So many other people struggle with this, too. It is comforting to know I am not alone in this effort to get healthy. I have lost 46.5 pounds so far. I didn’t ever know that I could get this far. I have failed so many times but I kept believing in myself a little more each time I tried to lose weight. It makes my heart hurt when people tell me that this is something they can’t do, becuase I know exactly what that feels like, and I know that they are wrong. But it’s something you have to find for yourself, and it is not an automatic change. It’s all about your attitude. I know I have said it before. It doesn’t feel that simple, but it is. A positive thought can do so much good and people don’t realize that. They short change themselves by thinking they aren’t good enough. and thinking they aren’t strong enough to do this. You just have to keep pushing yourself past the limits that you haven’t gone before. YES it is scary at first, but a lot of the unknown is. I have a long ways to go to get to where I want to be as far as how I feel/look, but I know I will get there because I believe that I can make it happen for myself.

Here is a compilation I found on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRTTiqhkJPc

Let that motivate you to have an awesome week!  🙂



Seven Samurai

Good Morning!

I hope you all are enjoying your Friday!

I have briefly mentioned that I have been in a weird funk lately .

I’m not sure why that is. Two days ago, my love forced me (that’s right, HE forced ME, not the other way around) to go to the gym. This is basically our conversation:

Jose: Hey babe! Let’s go to the gym!

Me: Mehhhhhh

Jose: It’ll be fun, we’ll just go for a little while. What do you say?

Me: Mehhhhhhhhhhhhh


Me: Uhhhhh okay.

I feel like sometimes we need that kick in the posterior. Even if it’s you giving yourself a pep talk. It is REALLY hard to get back into the habit when you’ve been slacking- but it’s totally within your capabilities. You are the master of your own destiny.

So, I got some frozen fruit at the store like I usually do because I make a smoothie for breakfast every morning. It consists of about 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1 tablespoon greek yogurt, a frozen banana, a handful of spinach and a cup of whatever frozen fruit I have on hand. I got frozen mangoes because Jose is obsessed. I am not usually a fan but I didn’t mind buying them because I knew either he or I would use them. I made the smoothie this morning and it was amazing! I totally recommend it. It wasn’t too mango-ey.

Oh, right, the results for this week! Here we are:

So the top three is pretty rock solid! Dr. Park is working her way up there, though! Pretty neck and neck with Dr. Marshall.

Until next week! Let’s get it! Let’s try and make a commitment to try and do just 1 thing different this week than we did last week. Mine is definitely going to be exercise! ❤