Week 4 SHO!

So we have completed week 4! You guys are all amazing. I love it!

Let’s get to results first thing!


Wooo! LRVC is taking over the top 3 this week! 1. Dr. Marshall 2. Nancy (holding down that #2 spot) and welcoming to the top three in 3rd place, Dr. Park! Eric S. is in 4th and Jenna and Jose are TIED for 5th. YOU GUYS ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!

You may notice some people missing, and it’s because they didn’t weigh in today. So, don’t forget to weigh in, ladies and gentleman!

So, I committed to myself and you all that I would work out 6 days a week last week- and I did it! I can really tell a difference, and today I was looking forward to going to the gym! I am going to keep it going and see what happens next week. Could you see I’m creeping up on the weight loss chart? Last week I was at .7o percent lost, this week I got to 1.24 percent lost! I did lose 3.4 pounds this week, and I have lost 7.4 pounds total for this competition so far. I want to take progression pictures every 10 lbs.

I feel like I had a lot of thoughts this week about what I wanted to discuss for this blog post, but when I sat down to write it, I couldn’t decide (aka remember)  what it was I wanted to talk about. I hate when that happens.

I just want you guys to know, that losing weight and getting healthy is possible. You CAN do it. There are no magic pills or powders, no quick fixes (unfortunately). And it is a process and a struggle. It is WORK.  I was weighing over 300 pounds, people!  How do you come back from that?? Where do you even start???  I had to make some evaluations in my life. I had to look at what I was doing to myself, and where my life was heading – What direction was I going, and did I want to go there??  I feel like it all starts with a positive attitude. You have to want to change.  You have to put some faith in yourself. Stop tearing yourself down. Start right now, forget about everything that went wrong yesterday. My wonderful Aunt Lori has told me, “If it’s important to you, you will make time for it.” I never really got the meaning of that as a young girl. How true it is. I struggle sometimes, but I just have to remind myself why I wanted to get healthy in the first place. Today I put some pictures side by side to compare when I was at my heaviest and a few weekends ago. I can’t even explain how it felt. I couldn’t believe I was looking at myself!  I am really lucky to be married to a wonderful man. He has encouraged and supported me through everything so far (the SAINT).  He helped me when I didn’t know where to start with encouraging me to just start with small changes. Incorporate one new change a week. It is so much easier now for us to eat healthy and stay on track and I feel like we owe that to his amazing logic (rationality, really). When I want to start something new, I want to go all in, forgetting that I may get overwhelmed. I’m so glad to have him to snap me back to reality and helping me make the changes in a positive way. He has never once complained about my weight. He loves me big or whatever size I choose to be. We bought quinoa about a month ago wanting to try it because it’s super healthy and my brother raves about it. So I got some and made it, we tried it and it tasted really bitter. It sucked. I really wanted to like it, too! The other day, Jose sent me an email with a link to recipes using quinoa, saying “Let’s try it again!” I love that man.  Having support is essential in making this lifestyle change.

Anyways, I have a slight obsession with weighing myself daily. Does anyone else do that? I am going to try really hard not to weigh myself until next Thursday. Trying to kick all the unhealthy habits, one at a time!

This week, I think it would be awesome if we discuss recipes! Favorite go to snacks, meals, etc. If you’re reading this and you’re not doing the BLC, feel free to post your suggestions or ideas here, on my Facebook, or text me!

Let’s have a healthy week! ❤




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