Biggest Loser week 2

Hi, Everybody!

If you don’t watch The Simpsons, then I hope you can feel the disappointment in this sentence, because that was a sweet, sweet introduction.

So we are on to week 3! That is awesome! There are still plenty of weeks ahead of us! The first few weeks are the hardest because it’s doing that lifestyle change that we are all afraid of. Change is HARD. I know that. It’s also uncomfortable. To see change, we have to adapt and live with discomfort for a little while to get the success we all deserve. I have been overweight and comfortably uncomfortable for far too long. I have gone through different stages, from “this is who I am so just have to accept it” to “I deserve more than this and I’m going to give it my all.” and everywhere in between. We are going to make mistakes, we are going to fail some days. But we are not quitters. We don’t give up. We keep pushing forward and roll with the punches because we know what’s at stake and we know we are making the right choices by changing our lives. Each good choice we make is a positive step in the right direction.  We have a great support system and we are all in this together, we’re here to help each other and GIT R DONE!!! 🙂 


As far as I know, most of us are counting calories or doing WW, and exercising and trying to drink water like it’s a McDonald’s shake (haha, that was a fat kid joke). I have been reading that you should be drinking 100 OUNCES of water a day when you are trying to lose weight. I would like to make that our challenge for the week.

Is anyone trying a different method to try to get healthy??

Alright, we need to get to business now. FIRST of all, for EVERYONE who has not submitted their $20, IT IS DUE BY AUGUST 15th. If you do not have my address or don’t know how to get the money to me, talk to me. I would hate to have to sick Lucy on you. 😉


And bestly (yes, bestly), I would like to announce the top 3! 

1. Nancy (yayyy!)

2. Dr. Marshall (woohoo!)

3. Christy (yippee!)


See for yourselves:



Trailing not far behind are: Jose, Lori, and Dr. Park!

Great job to everyone last week- I know we can push a little more this week! Let’s challenge ourselves to drink 100 oz of water a day! 



  1. Shoot, not like round 1 for me. I got to start pushing it. And I suppose drinking it too. I seem to only get down 2 glasses of water a day. What’s so hard about drinking water? Congrats to those on top. I’m coming after you!

  2. Kin this withelli, you are one great motivational speaker! I so enjoy being on this wonderful journey with you! I know I didn’t sign up this time but I am working just as hard! Thank you so much for being my personal cheerleader along with the rest of us wwho are in this with you! Keep up the great work, and I hope your keeping notes! 😉 love, mom

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