Week 10!!

Hey ya’ll,

I cannot believe we are 3 weigh ins away from crowning a winner on our Biggest Loser Challenge!!! I am passionate about continuing my journey after the contest is over, and I am setting goals for myself. I am committing myself to do a 5k. I never used to think I could do anything like that. I used to tell myself I wasn’t capable of doing anything physical like that. But I have started training for my 5k. I am so excited to see the progress I am going to make. My body is sore, no doubt, but I am pushing past it and it’s such a good feeling. Knowing you can do something just because you tell yourself you can. Losing weight is all about attitude. If you have a positive attitude you can make the time to exercise, you can get creative and make healthier choices about food, you can push yourself 5 more minutes in the gym. I am so psyched to see what this next week is going to bring. By the power of Netflix, I am going to start Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred next week (I am hoping to get it on Monday). And along with trainng for my 5k (Doing 3 miles 3-4 times a week), it’s going to be a really good plan for me. What’s your plan for this week?

Here are our numbers for last week, let’s see how high we can get next week!!!


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