Week 12

With one week left in the competition, some people have kicked it up a notch.  Next week we’ll award the winner!




Week 11 Weigh-in!

Hey Ya’ll,

It’s Friday, and we are posting results today for this week! I hope you all had a great week. I have started Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred program as well as my training for a 5k (Which is 3 times a week). My calves are angry! But a good angry. 🙂 I am also excited to sign up for the Color Me Rad 5k in Richmond,VA on July 21st. Gonna be training dilligently so I can compete! It looks awesome, check it out here , and sign up if it strikes your fancy!  Normally, I would never sign up for a 5k, or even think I could train for one. But I have to change the way I think, or I won’t change my results. So I’m signing up for 2 5k’s! What have you been doing for exercise this week? 

I only lost .4 this week. I was hoping for more, of course, but I’m proud of the loss, as I have worked hard this week! I have been eating dinner past 7pm, so I am making an effort this week to be mindful of that. Hopefully I will see a positive result!

So… this contest is getting heated, Lee is in the lead, but Karla is trailing close behind. Lee is ahead by 0.03%.  This is close! And awesome!  There are still 2 more weeks in this competition, please don’t give up, there is plenty of time for things to change!  PLEASE don’t forget if you haven’t submitted your dues yet, your $20 is due ASAP so we can award the winner!

Thanks guys! Looking forward to hearing from you guys next Week!


Here are results! :


Week 10!!

Hey ya’ll,

I cannot believe we are 3 weigh ins away from crowning a winner on our Biggest Loser Challenge!!! I am passionate about continuing my journey after the contest is over, and I am setting goals for myself. I am committing myself to do a 5k. I never used to think I could do anything like that. I used to tell myself I wasn’t capable of doing anything physical like that. But I have started training for my 5k. I am so excited to see the progress I am going to make. My body is sore, no doubt, but I am pushing past it and it’s such a good feeling. Knowing you can do something just because you tell yourself you can. Losing weight is all about attitude. If you have a positive attitude you can make the time to exercise, you can get creative and make healthier choices about food, you can push yourself 5 more minutes in the gym. I am so psyched to see what this next week is going to bring. By the power of Netflix, I am going to start Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred next week (I am hoping to get it on Monday). And along with trainng for my 5k (Doing 3 miles 3-4 times a week), it’s going to be a really good plan for me. What’s your plan for this week?

Here are our numbers for last week, let’s see how high we can get next week!!!

Week 9

Hi everyone!

So we are in week 9 now (almost week 10, sorry about the late post). I feel like some of you have picked up the pace as far as the competition goes- that’s what this is all about- dusting yourself off, and getting out of the mud when you fall in the rain. It is okay to have a bad day, or a bad week- the important thing is, is that you don’t let it control or define you. The important thing is that you prioritize and put YOURSELF and your health FIRST.

I am doing something I have never thought of, or dreamed I was capable of. I am starting training today to do a 5k! I am going to sign up here  and the race isn’t until October 27th, so I feel like it’s great timing to get comfortable as a “new runner”. I know I can do 3 miles, if you really think about it, it’s not THAT far, but it’s a great start. Guess what? It’s raining outside, and pretty hard, too. But I’m not going to let that stop me. I am tired of making excuses of why I can’t eat healthy or work out. What harm is a little rain going to do? Let’s get serious.

I also must say, without a support system, it is extremely hard to be successful at this. Surround yourself with people who not only support you with their words, but their actions as well. It has helped me so much, and I am so grateful for the support that I have, sometimes they push me to do more than I think I can. This is all about believing in yourself. I have reached a milestone today- I am so proud of myself, and I didn’t believe I could actually do it until I saw that it was done! Hard work pays off, people.  


Well, here are the numbers for this week, let’s all give it our best for next week!!