Week 8!!


So we have results to share with you all today, but first I would like to share some thoughts.


I gained weight this week. My dear ol mum came for a visit, so I thought I was on vacation, too. Got back on track today. The important thing (that I keep telling myself) is not to give up. I feel like I’ve already come a small ways from where I was when I started, so I can’t give up.  The formula for losing weight is not complicated. Calrories in vs Calories out. Drink water. Exercise.

In other news, I had a rip roaring time with my mom, it was so good to see her!! We got our hair done, a manicure, got my house painted, went to the movies, had lunches and long talks… a girl always needs her mom.

So. I would love for us to collaborate on a way where we can continue to be motivated. Do you need to do group activities so you’re held accountable? Text someone when you’re headed to the gym? Hold off on relaxing or getting a mani/pedi until after you’ve done your work out for the day? Do you need to try new healthy foods each week to keep it interesting? Do you need someone to check in with you to keep your head in the game? Do you like to save your fav orite  tunes for working out only so you can look forward to working out? Or save a certain show for only when you’re hitting the treadmill? What works for you? AT this point I think we ALL need some other point of views on what works to stay motivated. I would love for us to all finish strong in this together. We need to remind ourselves that we not only love our families and our friends, but we need to also love ourselves. Sometimes I know I forget that. Loving ourselves is not eating a cheeseburger because “we deserve it”. It’s pushing ourselves and that amazing feeling we get after reaching goals we didn’t know we could. Love is discipline.


And now our numbers for the week! Let’s kick it into major time this week! Time for the Biggest Loser Challenge is almost up, but it’s not over yet!




  1. I wil comment. I have a couple things that have worked for me really well. I joined Salt Lake Running company to prepare for my half marathon. they gave me a training plan with stuff to do each day and on saturdays we would get training and we got to run together with a group. It helpful to have a written plan of what I was supposed to do for the week. I have a busy schedule but I made it work. It was also fun and I looked forward to being with the group each week on saturdays. It seems that we were just starting to gel together and get to know each other as a group and then it was over. I think for me, having that group spirit made me show up. Peoples whose names I can’t remember, talked to me like an old friend. When we passed each other they would wave and smile at me. It helped my ego. Also since I was usually one of the ones at the end of the run , it was great to hear them tell me that I was improving and catching up to them on their time.
    I also have a mix tape of various techno songs with a solid beat of around 150 bpm. That seems to be a good pace for me to keep going.
    For diet, I do try to eat sensibly. I will still eat cheeseburgers, or fun foods, but not very often. I really try to eat well for most meals: High fiber, whole foods, low fat — and to have portion control.
    My workout is usually 45 minutes daily every day except friday and sunday with Saturday being a long workout (like 2 hours). Yes sometimes my schedule gets really crazy, and stuff happens that gets in the way, or I get sick…. But I pick right up and start again.

    • Thank you for your input! It’s so awesome that you are so passionate about running! I think it would be good for each of us to find something that we love doing like that. The important thing is that you have a schedule. I think that would really help to write it down or put it on the calendar. Making daily goals I think would be a big help for me. I’m going to try that this week and see how it goes! Joining a group like that to help you stay accountable and grow relationships is a great idea.Thanks for taking the time to comment!! 🙂

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