Blossom and Joey Lawrence

Hey Ya’ll!

It’s Thursday! That means weigh in day for us Biggest Loser  Contestants! I am hoping to get in every one’s weights soon so I can post results!!!

I know I haven’t blogged much, and I am gonna try to post some more for my ever adoring fans out there. (haha)

I hope you all have had a good week! I have honestly had a rough past two weeks but I am back on the horse again… We’re not looking back.

So, I follow a blog called Mama Laughlin. I’m not sure if you know about her, but I found out about her on Pinterest (is there anything that ISN’T there??). She  is from Texas,a wife and a mom of 2, and is going through a weight loss journey (you can see her blog here) , and I love her honesty and sense of humor. I read a really touching post that hit a few points home for me. You can read it and get what I’m talking about here (see, I’m getting better at this blogging thing!). There are a lot of struggles to go through on a daily basis that I am just tired of. It feels SO good to know that I’m not the only one who feels/ has ever felt that way.

I am so thankful for people in my life that push me to do better every day. The people that see things in me that I sometimes forget. I hope that those people know who they are and can feel my appreciation. 🙂

Would any one be interested in me posting up recipes like, once a week? Yes? Good.

Tonight I am going to be making this. I just love that she has a lot of skinnied-up  recipes. I made this a few weeks ago and Jose went crazy over it! He loved it. And that, folks, is what you call a two-fer.

Alright, well I will be posting up contest results soon! Also, I have not yet tried the Shiritaki Noodles, but I’ll post about how they were as soon as I do!

P.S. Were Blossom and Joey Lawrence seriously in an Old Navy commercial? For sad.


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