Thirsty Thursday

Well, it’s Thursday! To all my fellow Biggest Loser contestants, we made it our first week! I can’t wait to see how you all did! I am going to share how I did in this post, but I will post everyone’s stats once we get all the numbers in. Also, don’t forget that the money is due by  March 15th!

So, yesterday I was really worried that I hadn’t lost any weight at all, and decided to focus yesterday to try and get my crap together. So I drank water when I could remember, and we did an awesome work out yesterday. I don’t know if you all are familiar with Planet Fitness (That’s where we go to sit and talk and laugh about how sexy our abs are… yeah right!), but you can learn more about Planet Fitness here: . The circuit area looks like this:


I hope this helps give a good idea of how it works. So you do steps for 1 minute, have 30 seconds to move to a machine (which works either arms, legs, or abs), then steps, etc, etc. there are 20 stations and it takes 30 minutes. For those of you (aka me) who are a little intimidated to just jump on a machine and get your biceps bulging, this is a great starting point. It gets a good sweat! So yesterday I did this along with 35 minutes on the elliptical. It was a really good work out!

Can I just say that I am pretty impressed that I can and WANT to be at the gym for an entire hour? 

So, since I have started my weight loss journey approx.  2 weeks ago, I have lost in total 9.4  pounds! I was thrilled to have gotten on the scale this morning and found that I had lost 1.4 pounds! I got on it hoping for the best but expecting the same results as yesterday. Man, I was pleasantly surprised.

After our work out yesterday when we were all sweaty and gross, we felt we should make an appearance at the local Harris Teeter. I found this:

Has anyone ever tried this before? Do you all know about Hungry Girl? She has a show on Cooking Channel and she makes a lot of cool, low fat snacks and stuff with a lot of swaps to save on calories and fat. Well, there was a “Hungry Girl Stamp of Approval” on the back of this bad boy, and there are only 20 calories per serving. The whole bag of noodles is 40 calories! They are made of tofu so some people, such as my husband, are sketched out by it. Apparently, these taste pretty decent. But I will be giving an update on that when  I try them out.

Up until this point, I was just watching what I have been eating and not tracking anything. Limiting my portions and making sure I incorporated fresh veggies and fruit into each meal. Today, I downloaded an app for my phone called My Fitness Pal. It calculates how many calories you should have in a day and keeps track of calories, water intake, and exercise. It is pretty cool! I’ll also update on how this has been working for me next week.

So, the title of my last post, “Population:Tire” comes from an awesome website, So after I posted, I was like, “I want to see what HomeStar has been up to lately.”  To my horror, they haven’t updated the site since December of 2010! I know I have checked the website since then (not very frequently, although Home Star Runner is a favorite of mine), but I guess I never realized it wasn’t updated. I was so sad! I can’t tell you how many awesome memories I have of busting a gut with my family and hysterically laughing over that website. We have pretty much perfected the Home Star Runner voice (which my husband will occasionally ask me to do… haha). 🙂

Alright, I will be posting results either tonight or tomorrow depending on when everyone has time to send me their weight for today. Good luck to you all, and “May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!” (YES, that was a totally awesome reference to The Hunger Games. What? It totally applies!)



  1. Way to Go Kelli! Keep with it, you’re doing Great. Good information you shared. I’m sticking with the Pink Method and you’ve seen my weight loss so far. I love having a shake every morning. Just need to learn to drink more water. We, as a group, should go over to the high school on nice days and run/jog the track or fun the bleachers. Let me know if you’re interested.

    • Thank you, Karla! I really appreciate all the feedback and the positivity! I’m really enjoying it. How are you liking the workouts so far? I didn’t get an email or anything from you today, would you mind re-sending to me? Drinking water is hard for me too! I have to constantly remind myself. Sure, that would be fun to exercise at the track. I don’t mind giving the high schoolers a run for their money. 🙂

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